Dry Ice On Demand

The Cyclone Dry Ice on Demand produces real Dry Ice and delivers theater with as much function. When used with RoxiSpice (Drinkware Rim System and Cyclone & Rein) your beverage will inspire and awe everyone!  Here’s the IMPACT;

  1. The Drinkware Rim System allows your Glass to shine.  Adding Color, Aroma, and Flavor to the glass itself,
  2. The Cyclone & Rein with Brilliant Colors, Super Bight LEDs, And Vortex Cyclone Action capture and draw attention to your Bar,
  3. The Dry Ice On Demand projects energy and enthusiasms into your audience and rallies your crowd.

Dry ice is so cool it creates a smoking effect, literally. Your drinks will envelop in a cloud of mystery and create an self propelled action inside your glass that keeps your Rein drink in full view.

And lastly, your drink will be supercooled by the below zero temperature… very cool.

These tools to deliver excitement are unrivaled.  Beware… massive success, impressive results are before you!

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