About Us

The RoxiSpice Concept: Perfect Beverages with Visual Impact

RoxiSpice is the leading innovator in beverage entertainment.  These tools will inspire your audience (biggest theaters to home parties).  They’re fast, efficient, consistent and most of all powerful.  Use them together for maximum impact or separately to tell your own beverage story.

Cyclones’ Visual impact captures attention, Drinkware Rimming Crafts your presentation, and Roxi-Ice is the punchline to your beverage creation.

Made in the USARoxiSpice Rein Drink Mix w logo

RoxiSpice smallwares (Cyclones, Towers, Dispensers, & Roxi-Ice), and consumables (Rein Drink Mix, Drinkware Rim Spice, & Pucks) are all designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

Roxi Group, Inc., the parent company for RoxiSpice, Cyclone7 & Rein, and Roxi-Ice, has been member of and sponsored by the Western United States Agriculture Trade Association.  We are a supplier to global & local beverage and spirit companies.  We proudly supply leading resorts, cruise lines, regional / national and importantly we are dedicate to support locally owned & operated restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

Enjoy amazing results and inspire your guests.