Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to RoxiSpice

Commercial Users

Whether your objective is to make a better beverage , energize your beverage program or increase beverage sales, RoxiSpice is for you.
There are 4 components to RoxiSpice; Tower, Rimming Syrup, Spice Dispenser and Display Stand. Follow this system and you’ll experience perfect results (excellent beverages, fast preparation and no product waste) on top of exploding beverage sales on top of happy customers!

Residential Users:

Want to have a great party for adults or kids… it starts at the beverage. Pull out the Tower and you’ve got the big guns to ensure a success. After 5 drinks and sampling all the RoxiSpice flavors you’ve got a happy crowd! Or use our Standard Dispenser and you’ll be on the right track and make an exceptional beverage.

The Tower is your space saver and organizer… smartly designed so that Spice is easily and quickly accessible via chambered and positive stop / locking drawers.
Rimming Syrup is the secret that perfectly binds RoxiSpice to the Rim of any Drinkware (plastic, stainless steel, glass, ceramic). Whatever the Spice you use, beverage type, hot or cold, Rimming Syrup is FLAVORLESS and will HOLD the Spice on the rim resisting unsightly dripping or collapsing into the beverage. And if you’ve ever experienced clumping of salts or sugars in traditional rimmers, you’ll find Rimming Syrup will protect your Spice and prevent this wasteful clumping.
Spice Dispensers are uniquely designed to direct the spice to the outer edge where your Drinkware enters the container. The intelligent design extends overall yield and eliminates product waste. And the Dispensers are disposable (recyclable and soon to be released 100% compostable to protect our environment), eliminate clean-up, washing containers and improved inventory control and sanitation by starting with a new Spice dispenser.
The Display Stand (commercial users) is the link to beverage sales. The RoxiSpice system is so perfect, it all fits securely inside the Tower which helps you but not yet your customer. To grow sales, your customers must see your beverage and you must captivate them. The sturdy and elegant design draws attention to YOUR beverage program and reminds your servers to rim their presentations. The more you rim your Drinkware, the more attention your beverages get… the more attention the more sales… The spiral is upwardly rewarding… All along you save $ per serving and add value to each beverage

View a RoxiSpice Rimming Animation Click Here

    1. How to use the RoxiSpice Dispenser & Rimming Syrup:
    2. Hold RoxiSpice Dispenser upright.  Screw off lid counter-clockwise to open.
    3. Remove Rimming Dish with Sponge by grasping center post with thumb and forefinger. Turn and lift slowly.
    4. Pour Rimming Syrup onto Sponge until completely covered.

NOTE: Rimming Syrup is specially formulated to bind RoxiSpice to plastic and glass drinkware for a “perfect” rim.  Do NOT use water, juice or other syrups in the Sponge to moisten rim.  Other “moisteners” will not have the same “perfect rim” effect or will damage the Spice.

  1. Massage Rimming Syrup into Sponge with utensil.  (Add Rimming Syrup periodically to keep Sponge moist – especially if rimming many glasses.
    You are now ready to Rim your Drinkware!

How to Rim Drinkware:
1.      Turn drinkware upside down and dip rim into moistened Sponge.  Typical applications extend ½ inch from edge of glass.  View drinkware rim to ensure a sufficient area is wet, but does not drip.
2.       Gently depress moistened rim into RoxiSpice.
3.       Hold drinkware upside-down and tap to knock off loose RoxiSpice.
4.       Fill with mixed beverage just beneath RoxiSpice rim.  Be careful not to overfill.
5.       Enjoy your Roxi-Cocktail!

We’re excited you will be using RoxiSpice.  We trust you’ll find great success and hope you will share your experience and feedback.