Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to RoxiSpice

RoxiSpice is the leading innovator in beverage, visual impact & drinks entertainment; Drinkware Rim Systems, Cyclone Rein Maker & Rein Drink Mixes, and Roxi-Ice Dry Ice on Demand.  These innovations transform ordinary beverage into fun, fast, and consistent drinks that enthusiasts can share whether entertaining at home or professionals in the largest venues, all will inspire their audience.  These tools draw attention to your drinks, your bar, allow you to craft your beverage, and project entertainment into your crowd.  Using these tools, together or separate, RoxiSpice will deliver unprecedented performance, sales, and profitability.

Rein Drink Mixes & Cyclone Rein Maker

Transform your beverage with Rein.  Quick dispersing drink mixes (dry confectionary) are easy to use and blend in the Cyclone Rein Maker.  Simple &/or Creative recipes (add only water or make your drink formula look amazing).  Simple Rein are all natural flavors, all Rein have brilliant colors.  All are immediately noticed by simple to expert mixologists and enjoyed by everyone.

Dispenser – Single Spice - Drinkware Rim System {US Patent #7,942,283}

This Professional Grade Drinkware Rim System includes the tools professionals use to transform ordinary beverages into an art of ‘Craft Cocktails’!  Dispensers contain a nested Rim Dish & Sponge to moisten the rim and adhere RoxiSpice for perfect presentations.  A screw top lid secures the Dispenser and Spice for convenient storage.  The Dispenser makes the craft convenient for the professional and enthusiast at home.

Drinkware Rim Tower {US Patent # 7,882,796 and 8,915,391}

‘Craft Cocktails’ to the next level of performance, the Drinkware Rim Tower delivers a vertically stacked, five (5) drawer convenience with uniquely contoured Compostable & Disposable Spice Cartridges {US Patent #7,942,283} to economize space, maximize efficiency and craft your drinks.  The Tower is simply the best universal rimmer for commercial bars & restaurants.

Cyclone7 Rein Maker

The Cyclone is the most effective tool to spot light your bar and directly focus attention to your profit center. Super bright lights, brilliant colors, and Spinning Action (Cyclone vortex) are the ultimate “lights, color, & action” to attract attention like a bolt of lightning.  Open the spigot, pour over ice, enjoy amazing results.

Rim Syrup is the Secret to Perfect Craft Cocktail Presentation

An exclusive complement to the RoxiSpice Rim System is Rim Syrup specially formulated to bind RoxiSpice to plastic and glass drinkware for a “perfect” rim.  Its wetting and adhesive properties allow for faster and more consistent rims, neutral flavor to use any Spice flavor, will resist dripping down drinkware, and protect Spice from clumping.  Other “moisteners” will drip down the glass and damage/clump the Spice.

Roxi-Ice Dry Ice On Demand

US Patents Pending

Safe, fast and convenient!  Roxi-Ice is the punch-line for the Drinks Entertainment story.  Cyclones capture attention, Drinkware Rim System crafts your cocktail, and only Dry Ice keeps the drink ALIVE!  Roxi-Ice is the safe, fast and convenient solution.    Roxi-Ice safely injects Dry Ice into the Chambered Glass or Puck (our glasses or yours) then projects the energy from your bar and into the crowd.

Made in the USA

Roxi Group, Inc., a Nevada Corporation, discovered a unique opportunity to accelerate beverage sales through dynamic presentations, server efficiencies, and improved consumer experiences.  Significantly, we INCREASE Visual Impact, Add Value, and Create Entertainment.  Together these drive awareness and directly monetize the drinks inside your venue.  Results!

Roxi Group smallwares and consumables are all designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USARoxi Group, Inc. is a member of and sponsored by the Western United States Agriculture Trade Association.  We are a supplier to global & local beverage and spirit companies.  We proudly supply the leading resorts, cruise lines and regional / national / local restaurants.

Terms & Conditions

Roxi Group, Inc. warranties its products, quality & performance.  Smallwares (Tower, Cyclone, & Roxi-Ice)  that are outlined in the respective User Manuals.  Please 'contact us' for a copy of the latest User Manual.

Roxi Group, Inc. (Roxi) warrants its product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of the original purchase, when utilized in accordance with the directions in the respective use manual, subject to the following conditions, exclusions and exceptions.

If your Roxi Group, Inc. device fails to operate properly while in use under normal conditions within the warranty period, return the complete defective component and accessories, freight prepaid. We recommend to insure your shipment as damage in transit to us is not covered. For customer service support please use the 'Contact Us' link.

If the Roxi-Ice device is found to be defective in material or workmanship at the sole discretion of Roxi, Roxi will repair or replace it.  Be sure to include with your returned device;  Proof of purchase date,  Your name, Complete address, and a description of what you believe may be the problem with the device.  Mark on the outside of the box being returned to us  “Customer Service / Return”.  Send to: 1885 East Long St., Carson City, NV 89706

We improve our products over time, therefore specifications contained in your user manual or the most recent manual are subject to change without notice.

The liability of Roxi, its agents and representatives is limited solely and exclusively only to the cost of the repair or replacement of the malfunctioned component at our election. This warranty does NOT cover normal wear of parts and does not apply to any device that has been tampered with, misused, used with another power supply, encasement opened or tampered with, abused, mishandling in transit.  Any attempted service by an unauthorized third party strictly voids this warranty.

Any warranty is extended to the original purchaser of the Roxi Group, Inc. device and in lieu of and excludes all other express or implied legal and/or conventional warranties.  In NO EVENT shall Roxi, its agents and representatives be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever and shall not exceed the sum received for the original purchase.  If your state’s (or country) laws apply and if that state (country) does not permit the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, this limitation may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which can vary from state to state (country to country). Roxi will not be liable for extended warranties offered by distributors or resellers.