Quick Start Drinkware Rim System Kit

RoxiSpice Entertains. Create the perfect cocktail and visual presentation with this RoxiSpice Rim Tower starter kit. We made it simple for you to get started by packaging our most popular spices, a bottle of our Rimming Syrup, and a RoxiSpice Tower. Re-orders are simple through our website so, you can always update or add different colors and flavors over time to keep your audience entertained.

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Absolute fresh, completely delicious.  Crafted.  Mutled.  Serve the most delicious mojito (or grasshopper) ever.

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Margarita Lime Rim Spice

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RoxiSpice Delivers Entertainment

RoxiSpice is the leading innovator in beverage systems that deliver entertainment, more than an ordinary drink.  With RoxiSpice you will make consistent and incredible beverage presentations with visual impact.   Three categories can be used separately to nudge your drinks, and entertainment, to the next level.  Together these transform ordinary into extraordinary is, quick and fun. Explore RoxiSpice Drinkware Rim System, Cyclone7 Rein Maker & Rein Drink Mix, and Roxi-Ice Dry Ice on Demand.

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