Cyclone7 ReinMaker


Need attention at your Bar?  Welcome the Cyclone7 ReinMaker!  Brilliant Colors, Spinning Vortex, Super-Bright LED’s focus attention to your bar.  These elements work together and create awareness to what you serve (sell)…

The Cyclone7 stands prominently and handsomely on a bar, or counter. Open the spigot, pour over ice, and the result is a perfect cocktail.

The Cyclone7 (7 liter) is simple to install, use, refill, and clean.  It delivers the most powerful beverage presentation ever.  And what people say; “Fun, Fast, Convenient, Profitable, and best of all Tastes Great!”

U.S. Patent Pending


1 Cyclone7 Includes:

  • 1 Cyclone ReinMaker (Magnetic Stir Blade, Motor, Spigot, Top Cover, LED Light, Requires 120v ac outlet)
  • Cyclone Specifications:
    • 7 Liter Capacity
    • Base Diameter 6.5″
    • Vessel Diameter 6″
    • Height 22.5″
    • Power draw 12 volt, 2 amp

Additional information

Weight256 oz
Dimensions11 × 11 × 30 in