Holiday Valentine


Many confuse Valentine as a singular day, a moment that inevitably passes.  The wiser know Valentine’s Day is a PROCESS.  Building of emotions and anticipation over time that crescendo to a unique experience.

Clearly, a Valentine is better with a Cocktail equally special…  So it’s in that honor, RoxiSpice developed our Valentine Drinkware Rim Spice… a blend that could only come from our Precious Gems.  Brilliantly colored, Radiant but flavorless so you can pair with your drink specials (cocktail, champagne, wine).

Best ideas shared from our loyal and faithful partners is to use Valentine Spice in the weeks and days leading up to the Valentine’s Day.  Each day and each drink promotes the special occasion at your venue.

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Tower Cartridges 4 Pack, Tower Cartridge Single, Hand Held Dispenser 4 Pack, Hand Held Dispenser Single