Roxi-Ice Dry Ice Puck – Half Shot 500 Bulk


Roxi-Ice Dry Ice on Demand is Visual Impact and energy immediately transmitted into your audience.  Delivers unrivaled drinks entertainment and none of the hassle normally associated with blocks, pellets, or shavings of dry ice. Incredibly efficient, easy, and fast for the coolest drinks ever.

Dry ice is so cool it creates a smoking effect, literally. Your drinks will envelop in a cloud of mystery and create a self propelled circulation inside your glass that keeps your Rein drink in full view.

Any dry ice is super cool and has to be treated with caution & respect.  Roxi-Ice Pucks deliver and make safe ice because the dry ice is injected directly into & locked in each puck and with our secret sauce that won’t burn / freeze.  If there’s ever casual contact with Roxi-Ice dry ice… no worry, this dry ice is OK to touch and will won’t burn.

Puck assemblies include; Puck, Clip, & Straw sample (7mm diameter recommended, paper or plastic as you prefer).

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Half Shot Puck.  Match to geometry of your drinkware (the diameter of your glass should closely match the diameter of the Puck ~1.5 inches)

Roxi-Ice is about Entertainment… Drink Entertainment… otherwise you’re just serving drinks.

Impact on overdrive.  See it smoke, feel it vibrate, radiate aroma, great taste… adding more experience to your drink presentation.

The dry-ice action is maximized through the entire glass and the ‘smoke’ collected around the rim.  When used with RoxiSpice Rein, your drink remains alive with visual action (circulation) inside the glass.  When used with RoxiSpice Drinkware Rim Spice, the dry-ice smoke radiates and disperses the aroma of the Spice.

Together; Roxi-Ice, Rein, and Drinkware Rim Spice deliver the highest experience, the most inspiring drink, and the most interactive presentation ever!

Half Shot Features

  • 5+ minutes of smoking action
  • Hand wash for longer life, but machine washable
  • Air dry before Dry-Ice recharge
  • Use your existing glasses with the Puck, Straw, & Clip Assembly

Additional information

Weight160 oz
Dimensions25 × 15 × 15 in