Drinkware Rim Tower


The RoxiSpice Drinkware Rim Tower (U.S. Patent 7,882,796) solves bar ergonomics, space, and protects drink Spices. The innovative Rim Tower fits into a smaller footprint than a standard tiered Margarita style Rimmer and immensely improves littering your bar with plates or dishes.  The Tower compartmentalizes individual and easy to access drawers, has a built in and removable wetting sponge so cleaning the Sponge and exchanging/refilling Spices are simple, fast, sanitary and convenient.

With its 7″ diameter working space that captures the largest and most dynamic drinkware, the Tower is a must have for every commercial bar or restaurant.  Serious mixologists and home entertainers agree the Tower is the instrumental advantage for the greatest visual impact for beverage.

Please note, the Tower must be used with a Spice Cartridge.  Cartridges are included with all Spice orders or can be ordered separately.


Rim Tower Includes:

  • 5 individual spice drawers
  • Removable wetting sponge tray
  • Sponge
  • Now with 5 Compostable Cartridges (empty).  See our Spice List for varieties (colors, flavors, sparkles, exploding) Spice options.
  • Space Saving: 9″ wide x 10″ tall x 15″ length (including stability foot).  Compare to standard salt/sugar rimmer: 14.5″ wide x 10″ deep x unlimited vertical access for drinkware

*** Must be used with the RoxiSpice Compostable Spice Cartridges
***ALL Spice Cartridges include a Cartridge. A Tower ordered separately will include a Cartridge in each drawer. Spices are ordered separately

Additional information

Weight256 oz
Dimensions13 × 19 × 13 in