RoxiSpice Video Gallery

Cyclone7 and Rein Drink Mixes: Create Visual Impact at your Bar and Draw Attention directly to your to Beverages

Rein Cocktail Mix are naturally flavored and delicious.  Quick to make; mixes with water, pre-portioned, and ready for the spirit of your choice. When used with the Cyclone7 Rein Maker, not only is the mixing is automatic, the Visual Impact of the brilliant colors, bright lights, and spinning vortex are most powerful.

Cyclone7 ReinMaker: Use at Home, Special Events, Catering or Anywhere

Cyclone7 ReinMaker is all about the fun beverage brings to a party.  Rein's look and visual impact are unprecedented. The Cyclone7 is super easy to set up, use, and clear.  Let the Rein Maker stand prominently on your bar. It is a bright lightning bolt of attention of all. Open the spigot, pour over ice, and the result is a perfect party.


Drinkware Rim System: How to Deliver Amazing Results

RoxiSpice Drinkware Rim System delivers the tools for professionals and home entertainers to transform ordinary beverages into art. Craft the drinkware of your cocktail in an intuitive system. Perfect presentations are intentional, consistent, and delicious.


Safe, fast and convenient!  Where your Cyclones capture attention and your Drinkware Rim System craft your drinkware, what keeps the ACTION (and your drink and your audience) ALIVE?  Roxi-Ice is the ONLY safe, fast and convenient solution.  Complete Visual Impact and the smoking gun!  Roxi-Ice safely injects Dry Ice into the chambered cocktail or shot glasses then project the energy from your bar, from your Cyclone, and into the audience.