Spice up your cocktails with RoxiSpice

Signature Cocktails - Holiday Specials - Custom Blends

1 System With:

38 Flavors, 18 Colors, And 2 Dispensor Options

Salts, Sugars, And Flavorless

And... Don't forget the "Secret Sauce" RoxiSpice Rim Syrup

Dispenser Options


RoxiSpice 5 Drawer Tower System

Save precious bar space and organize flavors and colors while keeping a polished and clean looking bar.


Individual Dispensers

Self-contained with sponge and spice for easy commercial bar use or in-home entertainment.


Compostable Spice Cartridge

Fresh Pack

No Wash

Eco Safe - Compostable

Drinkware Contoured


RoxiSpice Rim Syrup

No Drip

No Clump


Doesn't Spoil

Non Acidic

Unreal! Great stuff you sent - will send photos of the two drinks - really a nice taste and finished look!

Fred M Luberto, Fabulous Foods

The event went great.  Thanks again!  I loved the pomegranate mix, it was a lot better then what we used in the past.  The label was great as well.  Thanks again and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Adam Dickerson, Special Events Manager

Just hung up from Patricia, that might well be the best service I've seen!  You guys are amazing, keep it up.

Thanks so much!


... all and all you have a great product that takes a $5 drink to a $7 drink.



I am in love with the pomegranate rimmer and finally after trying many disgusting look alikes, I found you through the bartender at King’s in Calabasas, California.  I would like to purchase the rimmer set, but have no idea what the other ones are like. Do you have a list of most popular? Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Bridget Hirshfield

Good morning Karen,

Just letting you know the spice and syrup arrived last evening. Wow, did that smell fantastic, the entire front porch was redolent with the fruity smells.

Can't wait to use it.

Esti Longini

I wanted to personally thank you for helping our hotel and specifically the Lobby Lounge Bar!  I appreciate all the support you have given me! 

Kristina Marquez

Hi Marc.  Margaritas are going  great in the new restaurant in Clinton.  Sold 500 first Frdiay nite open and 2nd Friday nite open sold 750.  So they tell me I need to order another tower, case of Redberry, Bloody Mary, and Lemon.  Thank u for everything.

Tonya, Candlelight Inn


Before...drinks and prep areas were a mess. Now... RoxiSpice Entertains.


Three tier rimmers were invented a century ago, when there was no Spice but only salt or sugar.  No color and only white.  No flavor but sweet or salt.  Monochrome and bland. Valiant efforts fail as the tools of yesterday can't deliver... entertainment for today.

Tower 60 deg

Tower is Clean, Fast, Efficient... Simple and beautiful.  Brilliant design delivers 5 drawers for 5 flavors & colors.  All compartmentalized to ensure your perfect presentation.


Economize space, Clean work space, and Maximize efficiency.  Tower delivers a vertically stacked, five (5) drawer convenience so you can  hand-craft your drinkware.


Our Secrets

Rim Syrup is specially formulated to bind RoxiSpice to plastic and glass drinkware for a “perfect” rim.  Its wetting and adhesive properties allow for faster and more consistent rims, neutral flavor to use any Spice flavor, will resist dripping down drinkware, and protect Spice from clumping.

Spice Cartridges guarantee fresh Spice and perfect presentation.  They eliminate washing/cleaning and spilling.