I wanted to share with you the amazing success we are having with just one machine so far we used it for 3 plays and 4 live concerts and made over $8000.00 in drink sales we sold the single for $12.00 and a double for $20.00 People loved it. We did give small samples and people fell in love with the product. We are going to invest in more machines before the next event.

I would recommend this money maker to anyone who wants to wow their customers!"


Daphne Franks

F&B Experience & Social Connections  Specialist



"We have used Roxi Spice for years now and I have to say it is one of those products that you are so glad you found it! Their products are unique and add a great touch to the drinks we serve."


Phillip G.

RoxiSpice... Entertains

RoxiSpice is the leading innovator in beverage systems that deliver entertainment, more than an ordinary drink.  With RoxiSpice you will make consistent and incredible beverage presentations with visual impact.   Three categories can be used separately to nudge your drinks, and entertainment, to the next level.  Together these transform ordinary into extraordinary, is fast, and most importantly fun. Explore RoxiSpice Drinkware Rim System, Cyclone7 Rein Maker & Rein Drink Mix, and Roxi-Ice Dry Ice on Demand.


LEM VAN side martini blue bev 1

Drinkware Rim System

Make Every Drink Stand Out With The RoxiSpice Drinkware Rim System



Bring your drinks to life with Roxi-Ice Dry Ice On Demand. 


Cyclone7 Rein Maker

Consistent, Great Tasting,  AND Engaging Drinks With Every Pour.

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